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Keeping You Safe With the Best Security Guard Team

Looking to hire a private security company? You have come to the right place. At Granco Security in Detroit, Michigan, we are passionate about security and we take pride in offering quality service!

Notice: Effective September 1, 2023: All new clients must agree to pay a 30-day, up-front, non-refundable deposit. Your organization must have an active D-U-N-S business credit profile. We are unable to offer financing or credit terms. Sorry, net 30/60/90 terms are not available at this time.

Why Choose Us?

Every full service Granco client receives our exclusive Worry-Free Guarantee* and a complete Security Consultation & Risk Assessment. This important tool will add value to your organization by identifying safety hazards and potential threats concerning everything from violent situations such as an active shooter scenario or workplace violence by a disgruntled employee, to loss prevention & asset protection like vulnerable targets such as unlighted areas, worn or faulty doors, locks, gates, and fences presenting increased opportunities for theft, vandalism and other property crimes. Then, we will work with you to develop an action plan to reduce the risk of those threats.

Security guard training is one of the most important factors to you when it comes to choosing a security guard company. At Granco Security, our training department is made up of current law enforcement officers that teach at several local police academies. Be sure to ask us about our specialty training and certifications that our staff have received. A quality security guard training program is time consuming, difficult and expensive. This is why few security guard companies do it right. This is just one attribute that sets us apart from our competitors.

We have a rigorous employee selection process and we aim to hire the best candidates available. Rest assured that each of our security guards have been vetted and underwent a thorough background investigation. Many of our security guards are current or retired Michigan police officers, deputy sheriffs, reserve police officers, and military service members. Our employees fuel our success and they make us who we are. We value their hard work and dedication, and we show that through increased wages and compensation.

Services We Provide

Whether you need office, retail, church or industrial site security, our guards have you covered. We offer specific industry experience and the following types of protective services to help you meet your goals:

• Security Consultations & Risk Assessments
• Armed Security Guards in Michigan
• Unarmed Security Guards in Michigan

• Vehicle Patrols 
• Uniformed Security Guards
• Plainclothes Security Guards

• Permanent Security Guard
• Temporary Security Guards
• Bodyguards & Executive Protection

Armed Security Guard Detroit Michigan

Personalized Security Consultations & Risk Assessments

Our team of security specialists will help you identify security threats and work with you to help reduce the risk of those threats. Attention Detroit area Church pastors, elders, and deacons: Ask about our specials for Church Security Programs!

Armed Security Guards

Each security guard will be armed with a high quality duty weapon. The type of weapon carried will be a semi-automatic handgun.

Unarmed Security Guards

Each security guard will not be armed with a firearm.


Foot and Automobile by professionally trained security team members

Uniformed Security Guards

Our security officers will serve as a visible deterrent with full professional law enforcement style uniforms that reflect their authority. Our clients may pick from our styles of uniforms that they feel would best suit their needs. (Uniform selection is subject to price, conditions and restrictions may apply). Not sure which style is right for you? No worries! Our security professionals can help you decide. Formal (Class A), Business Casual (Class B BDU’s), and Tactical Dress options are available.


Our security officers will serve in a non-visible capacity. Formal, Business Casual, and Casual options are available.

Security Patrol Detroit Michigan

Air Patrol Michigan

Permanent Security Guards

Experience the difference and the value when you hire Granco as your choice for permanent, full-time, 24/7/365 on-site security needs. We treat our full-service permanent clients like gold. Our team of security guards, supervisors, and sales staff will provide with the best service possible. With this level of service you enjoy our exclusive Worry-Free Guarantee* and a complementary Security Consultation & Risk Assessment.

Temporary Security Guards

Need security for only a very short time period? We got you covered. Note: To ensure an employee-friendly workplace, all of our services have an 8-Hour Daily Minimum requirement for each guard position needed.

Bodyguards & Executive Protection

Our security guards will provide personal protective services for VIP’s and business executives at their offices, homes, and in their vehicles.

Who We Serve

Armed and Unarmed Private Security Guard Services in Michigan Are Available For:

  • Office Buildings & Professional Settings
  • Factory & Manufacturing Plants
  • New and Used Car Lots
  • Commercial Motor Pools
  • Rail yards
  • Airports & Aviation
  • Malls & Retail Stores
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Hotels
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Small Businesses
  • Construction Sites
  • Gated Communities
  • Private Residences
  • Church Security & Houses Of Worship
  • Special Event Security
  • Executive Protection & Bodyguards
  • And More!